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I am a certified Master Proofreader ready to hunt down grammar glitches, typos, and formatting issues, ensuring your content is sharp, clear, and ready to soar.     ~ Press Moore

I offer proofreading services for:

  • Creative writers
  • Advertisers
  • Independent authors (manuscripts, novels, e-books)
  • Website Content authors (blogs, etc.)
  • Podcasters (e.g. show notes)
  • University students (essays, etc.)
  • Graphic designers
  • And any person or company who produces written content

What I Provide


Unlike spell-check software, I consider context and meaning.

I’m a certified Master Proofreader. You can have peace of mind that your words will shine.

Fresh Eyes

Even if you’re adept in grammar, you may overlook familiar mistakes in your own writing. As the final pair of eyes checking your document, I can catch it all.

Reliable Results

With several years of experience in customer service, I have a track record of being conscientious, concise, and reliable.

My Services & Rates


I carefully comb through your document, checking for typos, grammar issues, noun/verb agreement, issues with homonyms, homophones, formatting, continuity, etc.

This is the final pass, and I will look closely for anything that may have been missed by spelling and grammar checkers or simple human error. Then, I will send you the file with suggested corrections, in red, and comments. You can go through it to accept or reject the suggestions.

Cost: $0.02 / word
Est. Turnaround Time: 1 workday per 15,000 words
(Expedited services available at $0.03 / word)

Proofreading + Light Editing

If, upon seeing a sample of your document, I find multiple sentences that may require restructuring, I may suggest proofreading with light editing.

This is a good option if many of your sentences run on or may be confusing to the reader. This option takes more time and effort, but the results are definitely worth it. Below is an example.

However, please note that I am not certified as an editor; I’m certified as a proofreader. That is why I will only do light editing. If you are unsure whether you are ready for a professional proofreader or a professional editor, I am happy to review a sample of your document so that we can discuss your needs.

Cost: $0.03 / word
Est. Turnaround Time: 1 workday per 10,000 words
(Expedited services available at $0.04 / word)

Coming Soon: Transcript Proofreading

I am currently earning a certification for transcript proofreading, which is usually on behalf of court reporters. If this interests you, please check back in the coming months for more information.

What my clients say:

N. Allgood


“I needed to edit my father-in-law’s 60 pages of autobiographical stories in time for his memorial, but it was so full of style and grammar problems I knew that I wouldn’t have time. Press did a rush job but fixed practically everything. Now I have a version of my FIL’s stories I’m proud to share with extended family.”

Lena Kociemba

Writer & Developer

“He found and corrected plenty of grammar mistakes in my text, while still preserving the idea of the story. All of the corrections were thoughtful, easy to understand and explained with comments if necessary. He was also happy to answer any questions during the process. All in all, a very thorough job…an easy recommendation.”

Andrew profile pic

Andrew Crusoe

Novelist & Memoirist

“Pressley’s passion for excellence, communication style, and attention to detail truly impressed me. Working with him is a welcome breath of fresh air. If you have a chance to work with him, don’t sleep on it!”

Examples of my Proofreading Work:

Any holiday is a great excuse to hang up a wreath. Christmas, of course, is the most popular. Evergreen wreaths—decorated with red and green ribbons, ornaments, and pineconesare popular to see hanging up on front doors,
ut a wreath can be decorated to match any holiday. Valentine‘s wreaths can be red with paper hearts; Easter can have pastelcolored eggs;
ourth of July can be decorated with American flags; and Halloween can have glittery orangeandblack ribbons.
Don’t forget the seasons either! There are colors and symybols associated with
all, and
inter, and these can easily be incorporated when decorating a wreath.

Examples of Proofreading + Light Editing:

You unwind and just stand still, eyes closed. The air around you is a bit moisty and sweet. Deep breathes center you inside of yourself. The ground beneath you feels soft, but not unstable, and it bounces a bit when you take a step.
Slowly, you open your eyes, but this world greets you with darkness. The changes are subtle: just some spots of light here and there, almost as if the world is trying to be cautious. You look around, and the spots of light become clearer.
glowing butterfly, pink and bright, flies around near you and follows its own twisted path. A ladybird, glowing red with barely noticeable sparkles, comes closer and draws away again, finally landing on a leaf. A bright green leaf slowly falls from above. And as you turn your head upwards, you see so many more leaves above you, almost like a blanket of leaves above you, sheltering this world.

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