About Press Moore

Certified Master Proofreader

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Master Proofreader Certification

I’m Press Moore, the mind behind Grammar Raptor Proofreading.

Being a writer myself, I’ve worked hard to master the craft of proofreading because I’ve always had a passion for books and a keen eye for words and clear communication.

I’m also a paleontology enthusiast and nature lover. This year, I’ll be traveling with my two cats to see national parks and fossil beds. Staying on the move keeps me inspired and gives me balance while I focus on raising my clients’ written work to the highest level.

My values:


Firstly, I am committed to excellence. I have received a Master Proofreader Certificate (below) and hold myself to the highest standard.

Creative & Adaptable

Different writing styles and types of projects often involve creative solutions. I enjoy and embrace all language challenges to find creative solutions, while staying current with updates to standard style guides.

Responsive & Effective

Clear, timely, and respectful communication with my clients is crucial. I readily explain the rationale behind my edits, and I am responsive via email.


Editing and proofreading is meticulous and can sometimes be a repetitive task. Rest easy knowing that nothing will slip through the cracks when you hire me.

Let’s Build Something Together

Shoot me a message and bring your work to a new level.